Welcome to VanSpecies!

We are Jodie and Rodney, two British van-dwelling mammals. We left our jobs and London, bought a camper and are about to get a ferry to Spain… any day now! Any day.

Current location: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

11 thoughts on “Welcome to VanSpecies!

  1. Looking forward to hearing about your adventures across Europe. You will have a fantastic time, for sure! My one tip: if you’re on a budget and eating out, make it breakfast or lunch, it’s cheaper!


  2. Hope you have a great time Jodie, I always imagined you to be an on the road with a guitar and flower in your hair kind of girl. My tips are as follows:

    Learn what is edible from the coast line/rock pools fishing etc. Free food and a lot of fun to catch your own food. But have Plenty of pasta as a backup.

    If you don’t have it already then purchase the following two CDS. …Jack Johnson & Jodie Mitchell.

    A Frisbee is fun and it makes a make shift good plate.

    Tip of the day: Tea brewed in a cup is best when you put the bag in with boiling water then leave for a minute before you stir. ALWAYS remove the bag before you add milk and sugar.

    Have a fab time!

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    • Frisbee!!! That’s what I forgot to get! Thanks for the reminder. As for my tea I like it weak and milky- just show the bag to the cup and get it out of there pronto- allows me to drink about 15 cups a day and still sleep like a baby! Rock n roll.

      Thanks for the tips!!! xx

      P.S. Still regret being too drunk to make it to your infamous house party in the mid-nineties!


      • Haha, my parents are still clearing up the mess from that party.

        Me and the missis have a chalet in Abersoch (north wales),so if you need a shower and somewhere to wash your clothes then let me know.

        PS: If you are wondering who Jodie Mitchell is, she is Joni Mitchells theatrical sister 😉


  3. You’ll have a wonderful time. By the time we got our camper we had 3 large children and that extended road trip never quite seemed possible as it was a tight squeeze and too much squabbling in a tight space for my nerves and temper! The two of you should be fine though. Hope to see you at some point on the tour. Xxx

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    • I can’t imagine you having a temper Claire! I imagine FIVE big kids and a dog would be quite a squeeze though! Hoping to be in Wales June / July but will keep you posted! xx


  4. I love that you two are doing this. Hubby and I are doing the same–minus the Europe part. As it appears, we cannot get our RV to the other side of The Pond. The idea is the same, though! Best of luck and I can’t wait to see what adventures you guys have. We bought a 2007 Georgetown class A RV. So far–so good! I am finding that baskets and the like are life savers. When do you hit the road?

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    • That makes your van of choice 20 years younger than ours! I’m jealous!! Hoping to head off second week of June, travelling across Ireland first and then getting a ferry over to Wales. That’s as far as we’ve got with planning! I shall add baskets to the shopping list. P.S Do you follow the Wynns and Hasta Alaska? They have some cool YouTube films!

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      • Sounds amazing! 🙂 I wish we could ferry to Hawaii! Hah! Oh, Wales will be beautiful! I do follow the Wynns. They were our inspiration for our composting toilet, too. I must say–it’s so far the best addition we’ve made. Probably the only one we’ve made, but still! Hah! I haven’t heard of Hasta Alaska. I’ll have to check them out. Super excited!!!! ❤️

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