It’s all about the craic

The insurance company have handed us over to National Windscreens. If they can source the screen then we just need to pay the £90 excess and our insurance will cover the rest. Happy days. The nice chap at National Windscreens seemed pretty confident that he could get one, it may just take a while. We’re feeling optimistic.

I’ve learnt more about windscreens and cracks over the past few days than I care to know. But all in all, it’s been fairly paneless.


This week we are house-sitting and dog-sitting so are once again enjoying the comfort of a large bed, unlimited electricity, flushing toilets and a power shower. There’s an Irish pub at the bottom of the garden and the homeowners have very kindly decorated the guest room in a familiar palette, ensuring we feel right at home…

We’re particularly enjoying the dog-sitting part of the arrangement, well I am. Rodney is yet to be convinced that we need a dog in our lives…

Clearly the dog senses his reticence…

Nasty Rodney.

We’ll be returning to van life next week, crack or no crack, with revived enthusiasm. A few days ago we thought the van was a write off and we were pretty gutted. Turns out we’ve become quite attached to it. Turns out we quite like living in a big gold hunk of junk. Huh!

Not sure where we’re heading next. I’m very much enjoying the aggressive sarcasm of the North so I think we might explore Yorkshire some more before heading back to Pinewood studios early September for Rodney’s work. Our Europe departure has a heavy pencil for October 10th. Plenty of time to persuade Rodney that there’s space for additional furry passengers…

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