A vanless detour 


So we finally made a decision, sort of. We’ve almost definitely made some kind of decision. And we’ve booked a ferry… to Ireland.

Confused? Welcome to my world. After a chilly week at the farm, some overdue research on European climates, and a very vivid dream about a Balinese rice paddy, we’ve decided we’re not going to mainland Europe for the winter afterall. We’re going to Asia instead. 

I guess if you know us well you’re currently rolling your eyes at the predictability of it all, but in all honesty the decision has come as quite a surprise to me. I’m sure if Rodney hadn’t taken the film work things would be very different- we’d have been in Europe for months already. We’d be bronzed and beautiful (subjectively speaking) after multiple heatwaves, and we’d be looking forward to some cooler temperatures. Instead we’ve spent the summer chasing rain and mostly freezing our arses off. So winter, albeit a mild winter in Southern Europe, suddenly feels as appealing as a dog shit facial (I’m sure such a thing exists!?). And as my dear ol’ mother always says, ‘when life gives you lemons, go to Bali!’ (she has never said this, but she would if she’d ever been to Bali).

I woke up on Wednesday morning, the warmth of the imagined Balinese sun still lingering on my skin, took a look at the repti-thermometer (7 degrees) and the decision was made.  Rodney took zero time to convince and is now insisting it was all his idea. 

We’re taking the van back to Northern Ireland on Nov 8 to store it for the winter and then we hope to fly out later in the month. All we need to decide now is where exactly we’re going to go in Asia (other than Bali) and for how long. Europe should be starting to warm up nicely by March (I think) so we’d like to be back by then, bronzed and beautiful (😁), to pick up where we left off.

I shall continue to blog about our travels, van or no van, because as my dear ol’ mother always says ‘when life gives you Bali, blog about it’. 

Wise words mum.

Here’s a quick update on the past couple of weeks:

I got a job as a fruit picker. It’s been keeping me out of trouble (and boredom)…


But I’m a bit of a slacker so I eventually roped Rodney into doing most of the work for me…

He looks delighted. 

We’ve had the field all to ourselves this month as other campers retreated to their bricks and mortar (clever bar stewards)…


Most days my only company is this little myxomatosis-suffering rabbit…

Poor chap.

We went to the ferret races, and now Rodney wants a ferret…


I went on a London bus for the first time in six months. A lady was cutting her finger nails, loudly. Clippings flying everywhere. Cuticle Carnage. I took a picture…  


We continue to enjoy our vegetarian BBQs…  

It started to get very cold in the mornings…


We decided to go to Asia for winter instead of Europe, which means my little European vegetable display is a little redundant…



3 thoughts on “A vanless detour 

  1. Oh no, don’t get a ferret….would stink the van out! Never mind the nail clipper on the bus, be thankful not to have to sit behind the scary mixymatosis bunny suit again! Sounds like a good plan to take off for the winter, all things considered. We are about to park Lizzie up for the winter too, now that the clocks go back Motorhoming is less appealing!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for reminding of the clocks changing, had totally forgotten!!! It was four degrees when we woke up this morning so we were glad of the extra hour of hibernation! I think I might invest in one of those bunny suits to keep me warm!!!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hello lovely,
    Good call re new winter destination!
    If you are passing through Birkenhead on the 8th, it would be lovely to see you – you could pop in for a cuppa or I could come and meet you in the ferry queue.
    We live less that 5 mins drive from the terminal and it would be awazing to see you after such a long time.
    Will send you my mobile number,
    Rachel x

    Liked by 1 person

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