the plan

After escaping Dodge (London) the plan was to travel across Europe for a couple of years, but then life happened and we had to stay in the UK for a few months (in van). Then it got cold so we decided to go to Asia for winter (not in van). Then we spent another spring/summer/autumn in the van and are now saving precious pennies (not in van) to get us out of a very different but very cold dodge (Northern Ireland), so we can finally escape to the warmer shores of continental Europe. But plans tend to change a lot around here, so it’s best not to hold ones breath. 

First rule of vanlife, don’t make plans.


2 thoughts on “the plan

  1. We wanted to go away this summer but van wasn’t ready, then my dad took ill and sadly passed away. Then we thought September, but van still wasn’t ready – nor were we. Then it was to be mid October before it starts getting really cold, but Michelle’s dad went into hospital. We have now told our landlord we will be out this Tuesday. It is now Saturday and I still have to paint one side of the van, install a new water heater and SOG unit, get 2 new front tyres fitted (apparently they are 13 years old so a year younger than yours) and clear the house of all our crap. Michelle’s dad goes back into hospital for a few days on Tuesday so reckon we will not be out of the house by then. Just as well we didn’t book that ferry! Plans SUCK.

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